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Nutrition Testing Bundle

Nutrition Testing Bundle

Optimize your plan with at-home testing

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Our Nutrition Testing Bundle includes three at-home tests and the most precise nutrition plan for your body. Includes: Epigenetic, Nutrigenetic and Biomarker tests you take at-home. Test results show your vitamin D and omega 3 nutrient levels, inner age and rate of aging, and nutrigenetics that show how your body absorbs nutrients. 

At-Home Tests

Nutrigenetic Test (cheek swab)

Shows how your unique genetic profile impacts your response to foods enabling us to give you more precise food and supplement recommendations.

Epigenetic Test (finger-prick blood test)

Provides an accurate and comprehensive picture of your current biological age and your rate of aging.

Biomarker Tests (finger-prick blood test)

Measures levels of key nutrients Vitamin D and Omega 3 in your blood allowing us to more precisely recommend food and supplements.


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